SEO for eCommerce website
Why An E-commerce Website Need SEO?

E commerce has changed the marketing dynamics it made people save time and money and provided a choice for the customers to choose products from different online stores with a click. It was estimated that by 2030, 80% of the world population rely much on e stores for their needs than Brick and motor retail, a survey in 2016 from Gartner has found the rise of e commerce store sales compared to brick and motor stores.


Ecommerce stores has lot of advantages as most of the digital e commerce stores are just platforms without much inventory or no inventory they are more to integrate customer to manufacturer or third party distribution centers, thus reducing the inventory costs to a maximum extent in spite of its advantage the retail space has not seen its full potential even though e commerce is there for a while, many successful brick and motor stores feel it is better to do physical retail trade than an online store, more than the success stories there are more failures to the innovative e stores.


Building a e store is not an easy task, thanks to great platforms and easily available templates which make us to think to build an e-store is as good as building a web page and integrating a payment gate way, but building a e store is more of an professional job as a professional team like Reachwebexperts can bring in the difference right from the LOGO design to complete Product development with incorporating the right functionality like SEO, Payment gate way integration, responsiveness..etc and to be a successful enterprise in e commerce you need to have web site built with strong on-page SEO. With the present competition, any e commerce idea needs an ignition apart from the products and market space.


Most of the entrepreneurs go with the idea digital marketing or the social media marketing will do the job for them but they miss on basic understanding process that if a site is not SEO ready it will not shine once the marketing activity Is stopped, the organic component of the site in making it search engine friendly lies with the professional developer and the professional SEO team. It was estimated that on an average every start up is ready to spend a minimum budget of $300-$500 every month on digital marketing without making the site SEO ready.


A right kind of SEO will define the target audience of your product, gives you an idea about the nearest competitors, understanding on the most used keywords by customers while searching products, our web page standing, insight on hyper texts and meta tags and lot more functionality on our web site.


A professional firm like Reachwebexperts can make the difference in branding and re-targeting your products to the right audience, if you invest in SEO this can bring down the cost of Digital marketing drastically as the on-page and off-page SEO can bring your site to the visibility of customers and a right mix of marketing strategy along with great products will get the much anticipated success to your e commerce site.

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